Elie Saab Perfume

My plan for this project was to create an ad for women’s perfume. My goal was capturing and communicated the beauty of women in a cute, simple way which still shows femininity.  Having a black background for the shoots helped it to feel luxurious and I think showed class and distinction. It also does not distract from the product which is the main focal point. In this ad, I designed it with an outer glow and used a script type.

script type. I then decided to make it without the glow and change the type to sans serif. This gave the ad better context so that it looked related to the name of the perfume bottle. I’m happy with some of my photography, I like the bokeh one the most. However, I had planned different photos in my head. I would have liked to take a portrait of a lady outside in the garden with flowers, but COVID-19 circumstances changed this.

Most of the images are my own. The portrait is a photograph that my sister took when we were overseas, she’s a photographer.

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