Three Dimensional Design

The project is a wedding favour box (bonbonniere), paired with an invitation card. The intended audience is invited, wedding guests. I chose a diamond shape, which was inspired by a gift box I saw online.

The inspiration piece was fastened with a satin ribbon in the style of a present. I changed the colour of the box so that it has gold and diamond colours, which refer to important wedding anniversaries.

For authenticity, I have made a second component of the project with a wedding invitation card to match. It has a metallic-style casing with laser-cut elements, inspired by my original packaging idea.

The style complements the palette and lines of the bonbonniere packaging. I chose repetition to make a pattern then I used a clipping mask and aligned them with the package. I added metallic paper and glitter tape to enhance the element of texture. The roughness of the glitter adds interest to the piece.

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